Revitalized landscape bed & creating new gardens with existing conditions
Existing wall - failing timber and neglected bedsNew walls - Snapped lannonstone outcropping dry laid walls with new plantings and new gardensBefore (left) & After (right).
From walks, to patios, walls to plants, I do all types of landscape and site design varying on the request of my clients.  This particular client requested a redesign of their retaining walls.
New rain garden in Spring!  Also, new fence, arbor and gate.  This is the initial installation.New rain garden in Summer!  Third season!Before (left) & After (right)
New rain garden, new fence and arbor providing a new formal entry and private garden.
Before (left) & After (right).  Updating an established garden requires identifying what should stay/be transplanted and then creating a fresh design that flows through the landscape.Before (left) & After (right).  Again, deciding what to keep and then shaping it and creating a lovely new space by transplanting and adding new perennials.
Before (upper left) old landscape with lawns and shrubs.  After, spring - fall with now lawn!Late Spring.  Plants chosen to fit site conditions, which results in a relatively low maintenance garden.Glorious Fall!
Terrace treatment and multi-season
Working with client to rejuvenate one garden at a time.  The space was full of very aggressive weeds so we needed to start from scratch.  Revitalized landscape bed & creating new gardens with existing conditions.
New gardens in old spaces!
Before (left) & After (right)Before (left) & After (right).  Obviously an overgrown space with so much potential.  The client requested a labyrinth and this is the result!
Complete backyard makeover featuring art, a labyrinth and beautiful perennials
Before (left) & After (right)Before (left) & After (right)AfterAfterAfter
Refreshed garden.
Dramatic renovation of entry gardens!
Woodland edge reclaimed & enhanced!